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Truper 33174 Garden Spade Pro

Dig Deeper with the Truper 33174 Garden Spade - Extended Steps, 48-Inch Long Hardwood Handle, and 14 Gauge Blade!

- Versatile: The Truper 33174 Garden Spade can be used for a variety of gardening tasks, from digging trenches to planting flowers.
- Lightweight: The spade is lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver around the garden.

The Truper 33174 Garden Spade is a reliable, heavy-duty tool that will make gardening a breeze. This spade features an extended step design, allowing you to get into tight spaces with ease. The 48-inch long hardwood handle offers maximum strength and comfort. The 14 gauge blade is made of tempered steel and is designed to last for years of use. With a comfortable D-grip, you can easily and safely maneuver the spade. This spade is perfect for digging, edging, and more. With its superior quality and design, the Truper 33174 Garden Spade is sure to make your gardening tasks easier.