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Square Point Digging Shovel AO 40184

Tackle Any Digging Project with Our Durable Square Point Digging Shovels Model Code: AO (part# 40184)

- Versatile: The shovel is suitable for a variety of digging tasks, including planting, edging, and trenching.
- Easy to use: The shovel has a comfortable handle and a sharpened point that makes it easy to use and efficient at digging.

Square Point Digging Shovels Model Code: AO (part# 40184) is an essential tool for any gardener or homeowner. This shovel is designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency when digging and moving soil. It features a steel blade and a 15-inch long handle for easy use. The blade is designed with a square point to make it easy to penetrate through tough soil and the handle is designed with a comfortable grip for better control. This shovel is perfect for digging holes and trenches, as well as for general gardening and landscaping tasks. It is also great for moving soil, mulch, and other materials. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, this shovel is sure to provide years of reliable service.