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Root Slayer Round Head Shovel

Unearth Even the Toughest Roots with the Root Slayer Round Head Shovel from Radius Garden!

- Multi-purpose - The Root Slayer Round Head Shovel can be used for a variety of tasks including digging, edging, and transplanting.
- Attractive color - The shovel is available in a bright red color that makes it easy to find in the garden and adds a touch of style.

This Radius Garden 22211 Root Slayer Round Head Shovel is a must-have tool for any gardener. Its round head design allows for maximum surface area and penetration in the soil, making it easier to cut through roots and other tough soil. The sharpened edges and strong steel construction make it ideal for breaking up hard-packed soil and cutting through roots. The red powder-coat finish helps protect it from rust and other weather elements, while the ergonomic handle helps reduce fatigue and provide a comfortable grip. The large foot platform gives you more leverage and power while digging. This shovel is perfect for any gardener looking for a quality, reliable tool that can tackle the toughest of tasks.