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Heavy-Duty Sharpshooter Shovel

Unleash Your Inner Sharpshooter with the Heavy-Duty All-Steel Sharpshooter Shovel!

- Ergonomic design: The shovel features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use and reduces fatigue.
- Versatile: This shovel is suitable for a variety of tasks, from digging and soil preparation to scooping and spreading.

This Heavy-Duty All-Steel Sharpshooter Shovel is perfect for any digging task. The shovel is made with a weighted long handle and a hardened/heat-sharpened chromoly 15 inch head. This shovel is designed to easily break through tough soil, roots and rocks. The handle is made with a rubberized grip for comfortable use and a steel core for added strength. The shovel head is made with a high-grade steel that is heat-treated for extra durability. This shovel is perfect for any job, from digging trenches to planting trees. It is also great for landscaping, gardening and other outdoor activities. This shovel is sure to be a great addition to any tool collection.