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Fiskars Pro Transfer Shovel

Dig Faster and Easier with the Fiskars Pro Transfer Shovel!

- Versatile: The shovel can be used for a variety of tasks, from digging and transferring soil to moving small objects.
- Large size: The 58-inch length of the shovel makes it ideal for larger jobs, such as digging deep trenches or moving large amounts of soil.

The Fiskars Pro 397910-1001 Transfer Shovel is a great tool for any job. This silver, 58 inch shovel is made of durable steel and is perfect for moving dirt, gravel, and other materials. The shovel is designed with a large, flat blade that makes it easy to scoop and transport material. The wide, ergonomic grip handle provides comfort and control when using the shovel. The handle also has a non-slip grip for added safety. The shovel is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for any job. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, the Fiskars Pro 397910-1001 Transfer Shovel is the perfect tool for any job.